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Vincentius nijmegen

The former mission house St. Vincentius a Paola was abandoned by the congregation and taken into use as a shelter for young people by IRIS Zorg. In this way, a monumental building has been preserved in all its glory and back into use in a contemporary way.



“Missionary post finds new purpose as safe haven for young people.”



After thorough renovation and refurbishment, the former Saint Vincent mission post has been made suitable for the reception and support of young people who find themselves in a tight spot. In close cooperation with IRIS Zorg, the accommodation has been redeveloped. The building provides accommodation for the young people, but also for day care, meetings and offices for the counsellors. The building has been renamed and is called "Vince".





Ubbergseweg Nijmegen



Residential care complex


2013 - 2018



33 residential units, 3 meeting rooms, 250 m2 of offices