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Valkhof Donjon nijmegen

For centuries, the Nijmegen Valkhof was a symbol of the city's Carolingian past until the remains of the castle were demolished in 1895 and one of the first city parks in the Netherlands was created here. At this historically valuable spot, the park is being restored to its former glory and, at the same time, the keep is being rebuilt and incorporated into the park as a reminder of its glorious past.



“A unique combination of many centuries of Nijmegen history.”



The celebration of the 2000th anniversary of the city of Nijmegen has led the citizens to express their support for the rebuilding of the keep as an expression of the once existing Carolingian fortress. In the middle of the Valkhof park, which is considered one of the first popular parks in Western Europe, a design assignment has been realised that makes the demise of the feudal era and the rise of democracy tangible.





Valkhofpark Nijmegen



Reconstruction in historical perspective


2007 - 2018


1.650 m2 tower building and inner city park