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The Boxx - concept

In many residential areas and office parks, the facilities are missing or have been lost over the years. The Boxx concept offers the possibility of using a multifunctional building to bring small-scale facilities back to an area or residential district.



“A new heart in the district.”


Monotonous industrial estates, grey office complexes and monofunctional residential areas receive a new impulse as soon as new functions become available. As an independent redevelopment, nurseries, catering establishments, meeting places and facility services have too little impact, but as soon as a well-chosen mix of functions is brought under one roof, a turning point is created in the area. The BOXX brings a tailor-made and sophisticated mix of functions which together have sufficient capacity to be successful.






Utrecht, Hoofddorp, Nijmegen



Centre facility



Development of a multifunctional centre building as the heart of a residential area or office location