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Hafen Offenbach - Duitsland

Offenbach's Rhine harbour has always been used by heavy industry. In the meantime, this disused area has been redeveloped by the municipal development company for the issuance of residential and retail projects. In view of its strategic location, directly adjacent to the core of Offenbach, the city council decided to have a thorough analysis carried out by a third party. The calculation of alternative scenarios and the combined urban development and planning economics advice led to plan changes that will make this part of town stronger in the future.



“German thoroughness versus Dutch flexibility.”



Frankfurt and Offenbach together form the banks of the Main. Frankfurt with stately offices, desirable residential towers and high-quality services. Offenbach with heavy industry and oil storage. When the industry moved away, a desolate bank was created, which made redevelopment possible. The strictly phased plans and the progress that was planned in order of construction were contrasted with the Dutch way of developing areas: bringing interesting solitary developments to various places in the area and then - based on the success - creating cohesion in the area with the remaining parts of the plan. 




Offenbach, Germany



Urban development






1,300 residences
500 hotel rooms
22,000 m2 retail space
5,000 m2 social real estate