DM Properties

Bottelstraat nijmegen

Seven dilapidated buildings in the centre of Nijmegen have been redeveloped into a whole new part of the city centre.



“Seven dilapidated town centre buildings and the protected townscape will be given a new look.”



In the narrow streets of down town Nijmegen, with neighbouring buildings all around, a new part of the city has been created. A meticulous integration and elaboration with care for detail and history have led to an atmospheric living environment.






Halve Gas 1 t/m 12, Nijmegen



Inner-city redevelopment


March 2015-2018



25 small self-contained units, 8 ground-floor properties, 6 city apartments, restaurant and business premises.




Benieuwd naar het project? Kijk dan onze documentaire over de bouw van "Het Magazijn".